Hopeful dreaming or hard-core principles?

When you go to the racetrack, what is your strategy?

“Oh boy, I’m going to be lucky today.”


“I’ve analyzed each of these races with proven principles and I’m only going to bet when the price is right.”

I used to be in the financial services business. I used to be amazed how many folks fell for the snake oil of the “perfect” investment. What was the perfect investment? It had these elements:

  • 100% liquid
  • High rate of return – usually 15% or better
  • Absolutely no-risk

Sound familiar? There’s a dude named Bernie spending the rest of his days in a Federal prison for selling that type of plan.

What’s absolutely astounding is how many people fell for it. Of course, he helped them along with fradulent investment statements, so he sort of stoked their inherent greed. Did his victims deserve to be taken because they were greedy? Maybe. That’s not the point.

The point is, what are you going to do? Who are you going to believe?

In future blog posts, I’m going to share one of the coolest handicapping methods I ever learned. Is it easy?

NO – in fact, it’s damn difficult!

Will you make millions betting this system?

Maybe – if you’re a serious student and never, and I mean never deviate from the principles of the system.

Is it absolutely risk-free?

Oh — puleaze — this is one of the riskiest methods on the market – well it’s not on the market — yet.

The reason it’s risky is because we only bet longshots — the riskiest horses in the field. But there’s where the money is because everyone else is betting the “chalk.” (For you newbies out there, “chalk” refers to the lowest price horses in the field.)

Do you have to be a computer rocket scientist? Nope – this system is analog – we use a computer sometimes to crunch some numbers, but you do not have to be a computer genius to use it.

So…there – that’s it. Much, much more to come. Get ready for some exciting times, some frustrating times. Start setting up a “poke” – money you can afford to lose. If you’re planning on betting next months rent or mortgage payment – go find one of those handicapping gurus who will promise you untold riches with no downside risk.

That ain’t us.

Let’s get started…



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